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Special Offer Lists with Gifts For Orders of Hospital and Lab Equipment in Sep

2017-09-06 11:06:01

Thanks for keeping care and supporting for HEPO INTERNATIONAL!We have great sales policy in September for HEPOBIO products of Cold Chain Medical,Lab Equipment,ICU Equipment,Medical Imaging.
 1,Order With Gift!
 2,Double Discount!
 3,Coupons along with order!

More details for this policy can contact HEPO sales engineer for getting it.

And the special offer lists can be got from our sales engineer too!Followed please find the bottom offered featured products:Laboratory Refrigerator,-86degree Ultra-low temperature Freezer,300L Gas and Kerosene Refrigerator,3D Color Doppler Ultrasound,4D Cardioc Doppler Ultrasound,200tests per hour Auto Biochemistry Analyzer,3 parts diff Auto Hematology Analyzer,5 parts diff Auto Hematology Analyzer with Auto Sample Adding System,Semi-auto Urinary Analyzer,Blood Gas Analyzer,Microplate Reader,etc.

More orders along with more pleasantly surprised,act now!