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Pray and do more to fight with COVID-19 virus

2021-05-06 16:50:43

According to the World Health Organization,the COVID-19 confirmed cases and confirmed deaths are keeping increasing in a large percent during the past weeks.Let's pray for them to be getting better soon.Luckily the vaccine doses administered is keep increasing too!

China faced COVID-19 suddenly in bad situation but we control and win the virus rapidly under whole people support.We wish all persons in the whole world can be free from the virus soon and willing to do more for it.Let's more compassion and comprehend.And help each other from protect yourself as followed:keep physical distancing,wearing a mask,keeping rooms well ventilated,avoiding crowds,cleaning your hands,and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue,vaccination.Do it all!

HEPO will introduce more method and personal protect equipment which were proved usful in China!If you are willing to get help for the personal protect products or equipment,feel free to keep HEPO persons.