HP-CHEM250Y auto biochemistry analyzer is one of our bench top popular auto biochemistry analyzer.It is 250tests/hour speed around.

Followed please find the regular questions for your reference.

Does it comes with the software or the computer, or the cables to use it?
Does it comes in english and instructions on how to use it?
Do you sell the repacement parts like lamps, pumps, hoses, etc.. in case that it needs to be repaired? Warranty?
Is it open to any Reagents and any test? Do you have any videos of this equipment working?

Followed please find the answer for your questions:
 1,Yes,we have CD software along with our machine for your installation to your computer.Also we can set the computer for you and delivery it to you accordingly.
 2,Yes,there will be user manual along with machine for guide you how to use it.If you order the computer with the machine together,we can set all parameters according to your usage.Then you can use it directly when the machine arrived.
 3,The software can be in Chinese/English/Spanish language for select.It is friendly operation interface designing.
 4,Lamps,cups,Cables and neccessary accessories will be supplied along with the machine.More consumable parts can be set along with the machine for back up usage.
 5,Yes,all the spare parts can be supplied at least 5 years for all the model we supplied.The warrantee time is one year since it delivered.
 6,The system is open.You can select to using our orign reagents or using the reagents in your local market.
 7,We can supply installation video for guiding you.If you have operator who are familliar with auto biochemistry analyzer,it will be very easy for usage according to our user manual.And we can supply 2 persons free training in our factory.

The usful optional items for the machine:
 1,Bottom cabinet (Floor Style ) is available;
 2,Sample Bar code scanning system;
 3,ISE(K,Na,Cl,Ca,PH) function;
 4,If your country state power is very strict or lack,we can set a online UPS power source for back up usage.

HEPO supplying OEM service.Warm welcome the users or agents come to get appoint for the IVD equipment.

 HEPO Team